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hen you come to see use we will try to put you at ease. We will offer you a drink and seat so we can discuss the sort of memorial you would like, and go through any rules and regulations that may affect your memorial. Alternatively we can come to see you at home if it is more convenient.

nce you have decided on the memorial that fits your requirements, we do the rest. We will send you a Free, No-Obligation quote of the cost of the memorial work. If required, we can send you a Free printout of how the Inscription and design will look on your required Memorial.

nce you are happy with the layout, we apply to the Church or Cemetery for permission (compulsory) to fit the Headstone, engrave the memorial with the inscription and design of your choice and fit the memorial in the Churchyard or Cemetery to the Code of Working Practice set down by NAMM (National Association of Monumental Masons). Once the work is completed we will sent you a photo of your completed memorial.

New Memorials

We offer a wide range of memorials from Standard 2’3” x 1’9” x 3” in Black Granite Ogee Top Headstone, to almost anything you can imagine. There are various natural stones available, such as Granite, Slate, Limestone and Marble.

Granite Memorials are available in a wide range of Colours with various finishes like All Polished, Part Polished, Punched edge and Pitched edge. Once you have chosen the Type of Stone, Colour, Shape and Size of the memorial, we need to decide on the inscription best fitting what you want to say about your loved one.

Atkinsons Memorials Headstones
We, at Atkinson Memorials, have various layouts to give you some ideas to help you decide. We also have over 200 letter styles that you can have you chosen inscription in. Then we can also offer you over 100,000 graphic designs ready to use or we can create a personal design of you choice.

New Memorials

At Atkinson Memorials we can recreate any form of Inscription, including Hand Carved, Raised Lead, Flush Lead and Modern Blasted Letters to match and blend in with any original inscription.

Our aim is to make sure that when we add an inscription to an existing Memorial, the whole inscription will look like it was created at the same time.

Atkinsons Memorials Inscriptions
(Actual Names Hidden for Privacy)

New Memorials

Most Memorials, of any age or Stone, can by renovated. Old Marble Headstones that once were white but now look dark grey can be brought back to the original colour.

Lettering on old worn Headstones can be re-cut, and letters can be repainted or re gilded. Headstones that have sunk or are leaning can be raised up or straightened.

Before Renovations

Atkinson Memorials Renovations

New Memorials

If you require a memorial for a beloved pet we can provide you with a memorial stone from a simple plaque to something more fancy, whatever you require.

The Memorial can be free standing or something that can be fastened to a wall.

Atkinson Pet Memorials

New Memorials

We supply number plaques in Lakeland Blue or Green Slate, or if you have a name for your house you can have it engraved onto a slate Plaque.

The Plaque can be Straight Edged or Rustic edged. You can have it with white painted letters or gold leaf letters. We supply the Plaques with fixing holes unless you require one without fixing holes.

 House names & Number Plaques

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